by Brad Bockey

The Feb 7, 2022 effective date is just around the corner.

The Rule’s Impact

The ELDT Rule has specific implications within the blasting industry (see earlier articles) such as anyone seeking a new CDL, upgrading CDL class (such as a C to a B or A class, or a B to an A class), or acquiring the HM Endorsement. The Rule requires specific training requirements by training providers that are registered in the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry.

In other words, someone wanting to acquire or upgrade a CDL will no longer be able to just study a bit and be trained by a friend, family member, or co-worker. Some larger carriers have implemented a training program and are listed in the Training Provider Registry. But for most people wanting a CDL, the new rule will, in many cases, require admission into an approved driving school. This can mean thousands of dollars in cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are nearly out of time if you want to save money and avoid seeking formal training outside of your company, or if as a company, want to train an employee before the ELDT requirements go into effect. Apply for your CLP or obtain your endorsement now. Even though you are in training, the CLP application date is the deciding factor on whether you fall under the ELDT Rule requirements. Just make sure you pass your required written test and have your CLP issued before the effective date. The same goes for the Haz Mat endorsement. But remember, if you are applying for a HazMat endorsement you must allow time for your fingerprinting and the background check to be completed prior to taking your test for the endorsement. Unfortunately, if you did not catch the previous 2 articles on this subject, and have yet to begin the process for your HM endorsement, you will more than likely be doing so under the new ELDT Rule requirements.