It’s been a long time since we have been able to get together. We are hopeful there will be many attending.

DOT & ATF Compliance Issues

We will be covering quite a bit of content. The topics come from years and years of experience within the explosives industry. We have chosen to primarily concentrate on DOT compliance areas, but will also delve into the ATF side of things

What topics will we be covering? We plan to cover compliance issues that have caused many problems in the past with numerous explosives and blasting companies. You will find relevant information whether you work in quarry, construction, or as a supplier. We are sharing both regulatory compliance and best practices to be used in your daily operations. Topic areas will include but not be limited to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Recent & Upcoming Regulatory Changes

Avoiding Out of Service Violations

Open Forum for Questions

Make the most out of this meeting! The Open Forum will be a chance for you to really get the information you need, and even come away with information that you did not realize you needed from the questions of others. Think about how your company complies with DOT and ATF regulations between now and the meeting on Thursday. Come with your questions in hand. We are hopeful this will be a learning experience where everyone can benefit with the information needed to improve their company’s safety and compliance efforts.

Content. To reiterate, we have a lot of content and we may go over on the 1-hour allotted time frame, which is no problem at all. We want to make sure everyone leaves with a clear understanding of the topics covered and with all questions answered. We will follow-up if any questions cannot be answered at the time of the meeting due to its complexity, or if further research is needed

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