FMCSA extends expired CDL, CLP, and medical certificate waivers until 8/31/2021.

Extension Dates

The FMCSA has issued another waiver that gives CDL drivers/CLP holders additional time to renew their expired credentials due to the COVID-19 closures that affected DMV’s and medical practitioners nationwide.

CDL. Permits but does not require states to extend the validity of expired or expiring CDL’s/CLP’s until May 31, 2021. This is due to some states experiencing delays while others have returned to business as usual. Check with your state DMV to verify whether they are extending CDL/CLP due dates. The 14-day waiting period for CLP holders to take the CDL Skills Test is also waived. The following information was verified online. State extensions as of 6/4/21 include:

VA – MAY 31, 2021

WV – MAY 31, 2021

MD – AUG 15, 2021 –  NOTE: Information could not be verified on the MVA website due to conflicting statements and we urge our Maryland-based members to contact MVA directly.

PA – MAR 31, 2021

HM Endorsements have been extended to varying due dates depending on the state and whether they are open with or without appointments. You MUST check with your individual state DMV to obtain the HM endorsement extension information. CDL holders in states where you need to go to a TSA-approved facility for fingerprinting will need to plan ahead, as many of these facilities are still closed or are working on a limited basis. Call well in advance of your expiration date to set up an appointment.

Medical Certifications. If you have a valid medical certification that expired on or after Dec 1, 2020, FMCSA waives the requirement to update the certification until Aug 31, 2021. However, your expiring medical certification must have been valid for a period of 90 days or longer. Downgrading of a CDL due to an expired medical certification has also been waived for the same period of time.

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