by Brad Bockey

Unofficial News Release. FMCSA is set to delay the implementation of this rule for up to 2 years.


As an update to the previous article, the FMCSA announced up to a 2-year delay to the ELDT Rule that established nationwide minimum training standards for new truck drivers and those seeking to upgrade or obtain certain endorsements.

The FMCSA is expected to officially publish a notice of the delay in the Federal Register by mid-December. This will effectively push back the compliance date for the “Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators” from Feb 7, 2020, to as late as Feb 7, 2022.

The actual reasoning for the delay is unclear at this time. However, FMCSA earlier this year delayed a portion of the Rule that required FMCSA to design the IT component that would handle the secure data transfer requirements required by the Rule. Without this basic core component, Rule compliance and enforcement would be nearly impossible.

We will keep you updated as information becomes available.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is time to think ahead if you want to avoid seeking formal training outside of your company, or if as a company, want to train an employee before the ELDT requirements go into effect. Apply for your CLP or obtain your endorsement now. Even though you are in training, the CLP application date is the deciding factor on whether you fall under the ELDT Rule requirements. Just make sure you pass your required written test and have your CLP issued before the effective date. The same goes for the Haz Mat endorsement. But remember, if you are applying for a HazMat endorsement you must allow time for your fingerprinting and background check to be completed prior to taking your test for the endorsement.