by Brad Bockey

As a result of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), Congress has mandated that the Fedral Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implement enhanced oversight of all motor carriers transporting hazardous materials that require an HM Safety Permit.

Most, if not all, blasting companies require the HM Safety Permit (HMSP). So what is meant by "enhanced oversight" and what triggers it?

We will begin with the triggers at permit renewal time. If not already done so on a regular basis, review your company Safety Measurement System (SMS) data on the FMCSA website by logging in at This will give you an overview of your company's safety data according to FMCSA. SMS data that indicates too many Out of Service violations or accidents could result in issues at any point during your HMSP cycle. So, no data is good for a renewal, right?

Not so. Insufficient data, such as less than 3 roadside inspections and a Safety Rating that is 4 years or older will result with enhanced oversight.

Enhanced oversight means an FMCSA Compliance Review. Be prepared by being proactive. All companies should regularly review their SMS data to ensure no suprises occur at HMSP renewal time. If you have recently renewed or are about to renew your HMSP and the above triggers apply, be prepared for an on-site Compliance Review.

Additional information concerning the HM Safety Permit may be obtained at