Government Agency Contacts

Agency Phone
A.T.F. Laboratory 301-403-5227
A.T.F. Baltimore Office 443-965-2000
FBI Bomb Data Center, Quantico, VA 703-640-1510
I.M.E. 202-429-9280
Maryland Dept of Environment, Open Pit Mining 410-537-3557
Maryland Fire Marshal 800-492-7529
Maryland State Police 410-486-3101
Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Resources 717-787-7846
Pennsylvania State Police & Fire Marshal 717-787-7777
Virginia Fire Marshal 703-665-6350
Virginia State Police 540-829-7401
West Virginia Fire Marshal 304-558-2192
WV Office of Explosives and Blasting 304-926-0464
West Virginia State Police 304-267-8901